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Yoga Teacher Training and Learning to be kinder to myself along the way.

I'm halfway through my Yoga Teacher Training program as I write this. I start my pilates teaching program at Equinox and a Wellness Coach program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in just a few days.

I am learning so much and cannot wait to be able to share it all with you. The physical aspect of yoga, the asanas, is a small part of the actual practice of yoga. I am learning the philosophy of yoga, breathwork, meditation, body anatomy, and more. My newly acquired knowledge has already improved my well-being.

Modeling and acting are my first love, and wellness comes right after. I can see myself going from my modeling and acting jobs to teaching amazing people how to be better to themselves, guiding you in studio classes or privately or via my social media through asanas and meditations that would improve your day-to-day, and giving nutrition tips for all interested!

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