The unofficial uniform of the pandemic!

Did you know that tie dye is one of the most ancient forms of decorating cloth—with roots in India, Japan, Indonesia, and West Africa? And now, it feels like it is the unofficial uniform of the pandemic, —uniting us while we’re all “home together”.

I give credit to the renaissance of the tie dye trend to the idea that people want to feel “members of a tribe" with a sense of belonging.

Tie dye current incarnation is reminiscent of the style we first saw in the 60s. Then it was the

unofficial dress code for the counterculture, broadcasting peace and love. But, that DIY appeal has roots in capitalism: The trend began when a preeminent fabric dye manufacturer that's been in production since 1918, funded artists to make hundreds of tie dye shirts with their liquid squeeze dyes, to be sold at the original Woodstock festival.

For those DIY’ers who are willing to get their hands, and err, floors dirty, the beauty of tie dye (besides the fact that it's affordable) is that every time you make it, your result is different making your design so unique!

If you are like Baby Brian and not really into DIY:)

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