Pampering Brian With Natura's Mom & Baby Relaxing Line!

#AD Massaging your little one may seem like a silly thing, knowing they are young. Truth is, pampering your baby brings many benefits not only to him/her but you! Just to name a few, giving your baby a massage improves sleep, weight gain, aids digestion, improves circulation and even eases teething pain.

Brian is now 10 months, and I absolutely love pampering him with massages at least 3 times a week! I bond with him and find it relaxing as well. I am currently obsessed with using Natura New Mom & Baby Relaxing Line to massage Brian.

First, I start off by giving Brian a warm bath using Natura's Relaxing Foaming Soap. It is vegan, and has a relaxing scent that combines chamomile and lavender. It helps both calm and relax your baby for a more peaceful night's sleep. This Foaming Soap contains only the essentials to gently and softly clean your baby's sensitive skin. It has a light texture and is safe to be used even for baby's first bath from head to toe!

After his bath, I moisturize with Natura's Relaxing Moisturizer. I pour a small amount on my hands and spread it gently over Brians head and body. This vegan product has fast absorbing formula that is proven to have relaxing fragrances that contain the essentials to moisturize your baby's skin. It has 100% combined vegetable oils and cupuçu butter to form a protective layer on the skin.

How I massage on the moisturizer: I put on some soothing music such as instrumentals or piano classics creating a calm atmosphere. I remove my jewelry. I stand in front of the changing table and position Brian on his towel. When I first start massaging him, I use a gentle touch. I suggest to avoid tickling your baby, which may irritate and get rid of the relaxing feeling.

Slowly stroke and knead each part of your baby's body. You might start by placing your baby on his/her stomach and spending one minute each rubbing different areas, including your baby's head, neck, shoulders, upper back, waist, thighs, feet and hands. Next, place your baby on his/her back and spend one minute each extending and flexing your baby's arms and legs, and then both legs at the same time. Finally, with your baby either on his/her back or stomach, repeat the rubbing motions for another five minutes.

I enjoy talking to Brian throughout the massage, I even sing or tell a quick story. It is known that if you repeat your baby's name or the word "relax" it can help him/her release tension. It is also important to observe how your baby responds. If he/she jiggles their arms and seems happy, they are enjoying the massage and you may continue. If he/she turns their head away from you or appears restless and unhappy, stop the massage and try again next time!

Lastly, I finish off with Natura's Relaxing Cologne. This fragrance conveys love, care and affection. It has vegan formula containing only the essentials, for a smooth scent. This product contains no alcohol or preservatives, to not hard your baby's sensitive skin. I only apply a few drops on my fingertips and spread it gently behind Brians ears.

Photographer: Felipe Lannes

Decoration: Franceila Niero

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