Happy Halloween!

Halloween, one of the best holidays of the year! You can get spooky and creative.

This year was Baby Brians first Halloween, and although it had to be celebrated differently, we tried to make the best of it!

We celebrated alongside my sister Debora and my niece Guilia.

Costumes: Baby Brian was Dracula, and the ladies were witches.

Decor Inspiration: Keeping my decor within the colors of Halloween was my goal. We did a spooky corner in my living room. An arch of orange, black and white balloons, tiny bats, spiders and spider webs. When we did our Halloween shoot, Baby Brian was all smiles and in full character!

Baby Dracula and the Witches!

Halloween Decorations:

Halloween In Brazil: Being an American-Brazilian, joining both cultures together during holidays is always a nice experience. In Brazil, the celebration of Halloween is from influence of American Culture but in 2003, a federal law project proposed that October 31st could be “Dia do Saci” (Sci Day) in Brazil to honor its culture and folklore. Saci is probably the best known character in Brazil. A one-legged man who smokes a pipe and wears a magical red cap that enables him to disappear and reappear wherever he wishes. Although Saci Day didn’t become a popular holiday all over Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, a city called São Luiz do Paraitinga celebrates it big! The festivities go on for almost two weeks, with many cultural events, workshops and concerts.

Trimmer's Halloween:

Our Halloween consisted of staying in costumes during the evening, enjoying a treat, and watching movies with the family! You may or may not have noticed but this year 2020, was the first Halloween in 19 years to have a full moon! Although children could not walk down the streets filled with fall leaves and walk door to door to Trick-or-Treat. Parents including myself made sure to celebrate in their own special way, and take a peak at the big round, white moon through their window.

Photographer: Felipe Lannes

Decor: Niero Events

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