Brian's 7 months celebration!

Brian's six month was full of action of all kinds, so I expect this next month to be even more fun!

For all of us #obsessed with Kid's Fashion:

Brian's Kenzo Kids are from

SHOP Kidiliz #supplied

Brian's shoes are from

SHOP Mini Melissa #supplied

Party decor from

SHOP Packed Party #womenowned

Brian's Milestones at 7 months old:

  • Brian is bouncing up and down, rocking back and fort.

  • He loves to explore and examines object using both hands and mouth ( specially his mouth)

  • Brian turns several pages of a chunky (board) book at once.

  • Brian loves to experiment with the amount of force needed to pick up different objects. He is beyond strong :)

  • Brian investigates shapes, sizes, and textures of toys and surroundings. I have been making sure to buy only Montessori toys and he is loving it.

  • He is so into observing the environment from a variety of positions – while lying on back or tummy, sitting, crawling, and standing with assistance.

Happy 7 months my baby boy!

Mommy loves you so much:)


Gabriela Dias

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