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Gabriela Dias

One on One Consultations:

Working together can be healing and transformational, a chance to learn how to live a vibrant, happy, and mindful life. 

Gabriela Dias photographed by Tony Ellis in New York City, August 2023_

I am a Buddhist health coach and teacher devoted to yoga, holistic nutrition, ayurveda, meditation, breath control practice, sound healing, and daily movement. 

As I learn, grow, and evolve, I hope to have you by my side; perhaps together, we can inspire and motivate one another. 

I am so excited to introduce my platform and offer one-on-one coaching consultations. On my platform, you can find daily workouts and movement, guided meditation, and all sorts of information related to wellness, health, and lifestyle that may be useful to us. - Gabriela Dias.

What’s the process?
It begins with an engagement process where we define specific competency-based outcomes for our time together. 

Gabriela Dias photographed by Tony Ellis in New York City, August 2023_

How can I support you:

  • becoming healthier.

  • creating purposeful work.

  • making career and life changes.

  • addressing relationship challenges.

  • finding joy and freedom.

  • create more meaningful relationships. 

  • build a sustainable and supportive base. 

  • build momentous habits toward your dreams. 

  • self-generate for a creative and successful life. 

  • private yoga 

  • corporate Wellness

Once we identify desired outcomes, we jointly create a program that’s unique to you.

These may include more coaching meetings, self-guided exercises, meditation, readings, or anything that we noticed is helping you find peace and anything you may be striving for. 


We should strive to meet bi-monthly on Zoom, but you are in charge of setting up your consultation appointments using our virtual calendar. 

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